April 2021

What you get when you buy an AMZ Saddle


They say that one of the hardest things as a business owner is talking or writing about what you do. Of course, you know every last little thing about your business - how and why you started it, why you're better than your competitors and the features of your products or services. But what about if you need to tell someone new, who has never heard about you before, all about what you do? That’s my little challenge for this month’s AMZ Saddles blog - to tell you what you get when you buy one of my saddles. So, let’s get started!


A totally bespoke fit for your horse and you


All my saddles offer a bespoke fit designed for the horse and their rider. Whether you’re a show jumper looking for a saddle to help you stay in perfect balance and offer security over the highest fences or a dressage rider seeking close contact and a deep seat, I can help. I have a range of GP, jump and dressage saddles so there will be a model which works for your needs. 


A saddle designed to offer freedom of movement to your horse


The comfort and wellbeing of horses is at the heart of everything I do, and that means my saddles are always designed with that in mind. I’ve ensured that the cut allows for full and free shoulder movement and my saddles can easily be re-flocked, essential when your horse is coming back into work after a holiday or changes shape as it matures. We want our horses to be able to express their incredible paces and jump with absolute freedom, so my saddles are designed to assist with that aim.


A high-quality saddle made here in the UK from English leather


I’m so proud of the provenance of my saddle leather and the way they are made. I only use high quality English leather which is then cut and stitched into my saddle designs right here in the UK. That means that I know every part of the process is carried out to perfection and the quality of the final saddle is always high. The same goes for the girths, stirrup leathers and headcollars I sell too.


A saddle which is the product of my years of experience


I’m lucky to combine my expertise in saddle fitting with years of experience both competing in and producing horses for a range of disciplines. That means I know what riders are looking for from their saddles and I know how to create a great all-round saddle for people who like to hack out or dabble in several sports. I also know the tell-tale signs which occur when a saddle doesn’t fit perfectly, and what to do to address that particular issue.


If you’d like to book a saddle fitting visit, then drop me a line using the contact page on the website. Make sure you take a closer look at the AMZ saddle collection too and pick your favourite! There are a range of styles and designs including jump saddles, dressage saddles, GP saddles and show saddles.

March 2021

How are you feeling as the chance to get out and see friends and family again and (possibly just as important for some horsey folk!) the return to competition returns? It’s certainly been a strange old year for all of us but the uncertainty about when we would be able to restart equestrian sports made it tough for those who view their horses and riding as escapism! But thankfully we’re now (in England at last) able to start planning the spring and summer ahead.


I’ve spent some of the spare time I’ve had this winter (around lambing and running a business…!) bringing on my young horses, and I have to say they are a really exciting bunch this year. Breaking and starting them can be exciting and at times hairy to say the least, but they are coming on beautifully now. It’s now down to me to get into their heads and find out what they will excel at most in their careers. Breeding and bringing on horses is a huge passion of mine and I feel so lucky to be able to have horses at the centre of my work and my hobby.


I’ve also been busy making plans for where I want to take the AMZ Saddle trade stand in 2021. Of course, some of the bigger equestrian events are still in limbo whilst organisers work out the safety and commercial aspects, but I’m confident that the trade stand will be out and about again a lot this year. The power of social media and the internet to reach people from further afield and keep in touch during this pandemic has been invaluable, but the chance to see our customers face to face again is really exciting. It’s so helpful to be able to show people the saddles in detail and explain how they are designed to offer the perfect fit and comfort. Plus, I get to see some of our sponsored riders in action and flying the flag with our branded wear, which is always a good thing!


Will I see you when we hit the road? Make sure you keep an eye on the AMZ social media feeds for more information about where we will be with the trade stand and make sure you come and say hello if you do see the AMZ branding pop up somewhere!


January 2021


A rather belated Happy New Year to all my customers and followers! I hope you managed to have some time out to relax and recharge your batteries over the Christmas holiday and are staying safe at the moment. What a strange time it is, with us back in the limbo of another lockdown and unsure of when we will be out competing again. I know a lot of my customers are struggling with the combination of fit horses and either frozen ground or bottomless mud - it’s certainly a tough time to be a horse owner, isn’t it?


We’re still fitting saddles for our customers


AMZ is still open during this lockdown and I’m travelling to fit saddles across the UK, but with a range of measures in place to ensure visits are safe and Covid-19 secure. If you’re keen to get your saddle checked and fitted or get a brand-new saddle ordered then make sure you give me a call. When I’m coming to your yard, please ensure that you wear a face mask and sanitise your hands and the saddle before my arrival. I also ask that only one person - the owner or rider - is present during the visit to minimise contact. That way we can all stay safe; horses can have their saddles checked and I can keep working - thank you.


Something to look forward to - new life at AMZ!


It’s lambing time here at AMZ HQ which is certainly keeping us busy! It’s a tough job heading out into the cold and dark to check the ewes when you know that most people (and even fellow hardy horsey folk) are tucked up in front of their log burner. But of course, that’s all part of life when you farm sheep...! And after the hard work is over, we get the joyous sight (and sound) of lambs and ewes frolicking in the fields together. That, along with daffodils coming into flower and the sun having enough warmth to it to help dry out the mud, are the fabulous signs that spring has arrived. Those days will be here before we know it!


Young horses to be started


Another job that’s keeping us busy this lockdown is starting some of our young horses. Of course, it can be a hairy job at times (maybe the lambing isn’t so bad after all…) but it’s exciting to see how the young horses are shaping up. It’s hard not to start imagining what they might achieve when they start their careers and planning the next 5 years in my head. Here’s hoping we have some competitions running to look forward to in the not-too-distant future.


In the meantime, stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing some of you soon for saddle fitting.




December 2020 Blog - Taking a look back at 2020

Well, here we are, so very close to the end of the strangest year I can remember. It's safe to say if someone had tried to tell me what 2020 held for us this time last year, I would probably have laughed and offered them a strong drink and a lie down! But here we are, frantically planning for Christmas and dreaming about what 2021 might bring. I think we can all agree that we would like it to be a safer, kinder and hopefully more sociable than this year has been! Fingers crossed...

But despite the uncertainty, fear and gloom that a global pandemic brings with it, 2020 has seen AMZ Saddles move forward and grow as a business, which makes me so very proud. Even without so many of the events where myself and my team would normally meet customers and new friends, we've managed to keep going. Taking a saddle fitting and making business digital was very tricky but we managed to do it. We were so grateful for the short period of time when there were some events to head out to. During 2020 we've also invested in new photography to ensure that people on social media can see exactly why they need to give us a call. And why is that - AMZ Saddles is great at what we do, and our saddles make horses and people very happy indeed!

I know so many of my customers and brand ambassadors found the 'will we or wont we' nature of a return to competitions very tough and I've been amazed by how hard they worked to keep their horses fit and well. They've had to be flexible and keep plugging away even in the face of that uncertainty. You can definitely say that about horse folk - we might be a little bit mad, but we can always put the welfare of our horses first. At least even under the current regulations it looks as though we can carry on competing - hopefully that doesn't change.

I launched the AMZ Saddles branded products this year and have been delighted with their popularity. There's everything from saddle cloths, fly veils and saddle covers, to t-shirts, jackets and baseball caps. As a small business owner, I can tell it is just amazing seeing people and their horses wearing my brand. Having said that, I've worked hard to ensure that first and foremost they are of excellent quality and will stand up to the rigours of a busy yard life. The fact that they are beautiful and feature the most gorgeous navy AMZ Saddles branding is just the most wonderful bonus.

From the AMZ Saddles team and I, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It certainly feels high time for some rest and relaxation after a strange and stressful year. We can't wait to see more of you all in 2021 - stay safe and well.

Amy x

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