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What You Get When You Buy An AMZ Saddle

They say that one of the hardest things as a business owner is talking or writing about what you do. Of course, you know every last little thing about your business - how and why you started it, why you're better than your competitors and the features of your products or services. But what about if you need to tell someone new, who has never heard about you before, all about what you do? That’s my little challenge for this month’s AMZ Saddles blog - to tell you what you get when you buy one of my saddles. So, let’s get started!

A totally bespoke fit for your horse and you

All my saddles offer a bespoke fit designed for the horse and their rider. Whether you’re a show jumper looking for a saddle to help you stay in perfect balance and offer security over the highest fences or a dressage rider seeking close contact and a deep seat, I can help. I have a range of GP, jump and dressage saddles so there will be a model which works for your needs.

A saddle designed to offer freedom of movement to your horse

The comfort and wellbeing of horses is at the heart of everything I do, and that means my saddles are always designed with that in mind. I’ve ensured that the cut allows for full and free shoulder movement and my saddles can easily be re-flocked, essential when your horse is coming back into work after a holiday or changes shape as it matures. We want our horses to be able to express their incredible paces and jump with absolute freedom, so my saddles are designed to assist with that aim.

A high-quality saddle made here in the UK from English leather.

I’m so proud of the provenance of my saddle leather and the way they are made. I only use high quality English leather which is then cut and stitched into my saddle designs right here in the UK. That means that I know every part of the process is carried out to perfection and the quality of the final saddle is always high. The same goes for the girths, stirrup leathers and headcollars I sell too.

A saddle which is the product of my years of experience.

I’m lucky to combine my expertise in saddle fitting with years of experience both competing in and producing horses for a range of disciplines. That means I know what riders are looking for from their saddles and I know how to create a great all-round saddle for people who like to hack out or dabble in several sports. I also know the tell-tale signs which occur when a saddle doesn’t fit perfectly, and what to do to address that particular issue.

If you’d like to book a saddle fitting visit, then drop me a line using the contact page on the website. Make sure you take a closer look at the AMZ saddle collection too and pick your favourite! There are a range of styles and designs including jump saddles, dressage saddles, GP saddles and show saddles.

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