Free Jump Airs Stirrups 10 Degree Incline & 30 Degree Eye

Setting a new standard in the world of traditional stirrups. Made of stainless steel, with a floor mounted on Air Cushion. The upper polyamide headband is designed to trigger in case of high pressure to facilitate the release of the foot if necessary.

Inclined grip tread to help keep the head down, with a 30 degree orientated eye for the stirrup leather. This angled eye helps keep the lower leg in a more secure position and aids in retrieving your stirrup again easily if needed. 8mm of shock absorption through the stirrup tread gives the rider unrivalled support for their joints and back. Popular for jumping, eventing and fast work as well as leisure riding.

Top banner polyamide

30 Degree Eye

Supergrip studs

Stainless steel architecture

Inclined floor

Patented air cushion elastomer sole

100% recyclable

Freejump AirS 10-30