AMZ Dressage Saddles

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A beautiful and classically designed, deep seated dressage saddle. The Avicii is designed to promote a close contact feel, with seats at the centre point of gravity. With a triple padded deep seat, and built in large knee roll, it offers riders stability and promotes the correct position. 

It is available on a range of wooden spring trees to cater for different builds of horses whilst promoting shoulder movement. Available as a monoflap or dual flap saddle and is adjustable to ensure optimal fit.


A choice of leather is available with optional coloured welting, stitching and personalisation available too.

From £1695

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The Blackton dressage saddle is deep in seat and slightly more modern in design with its large block knee roll being moulded round. It promotes a deep seat, correct position and close feel between horse and rider. 

This saddle can be made on serveral different trees to suit horse type whilst allowing freedom of movement through the shoulder. It is all over covered in hide as standard with provides comfort and grip for the rider and it is available in black or brown. There is a choice of leather available with optional coloured welting, stitching and personalisation available too.


From £1695