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AMZ Saddles design and manufacture a range of beautifully crafted saddles with the focus on correctly fitting bespoke saddles to cater for both horse and riders needs.
We currently offer jump, event, general purpose, VSD, dressage and show saddles within our range.

Due to the careful and extensive design process, AMZ Saddles are able to cater for all shapes and sizes of horse or pony, specialising in remedial and difficult fits, and performance horses/ponies, ensuring freedom of movement for the horse and offering security and comfort for the rider.

As well as crafting our beautiful saddles, we also offer an independent saddle fitting service for other brands too. Our fitters carry a selection of wools which enable them to re-flock your saddle on site as well as being able to provide a width adjustment if necessary.  

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The saddle fitting process can vary in length of time dependant upon various factors. However, as a brief guide we will start by discussing your current saddle, any issues that you may be experiencing, your discipline and level, and what you would like from your saddle.

Your horse's conformation and gait will be assessed and any problems discussed.

You will have the chance to ride in any potentially suitable AMZ Saddles so we can ensure it is exactly what you are looking for. However  we do appreciate that some people may feel uncomfortable riding in front of us and although helpful for us, it is not absolutely essential.  

Once you have decided upon your chosen saddle, your horse will be templated and measurements taken.

The saddles are designed to be able to be altered by one of our fitters to ensure the optimal fit at all times for your horse.

AMZ - Bridles-Sadlles- Merch-85.jpg
AMZ Saddles - Shoot _Fayes-50.jpg[20612].JPG
AMZ Saddles - Shoot _Fayes-50.jpg[20612].JPG

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Once you have your AMZ saddle, we recommend that you have it refitted within the first 3 months. This is due to the fact we often see a drastic change in horse/ponies topline due to the increased range of movement they have and correct distribution of the riders weight. 

Routinely, saddles should be checked approximately every 6 months as advised by vets and equine physiotherapists. 

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