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A Busy (And Blustery) February

I can’t believe we‘re only a week away from the end of February now and it’s certainly been a month of wild weather! Not 1, not 2 but 3 ‘named storms’ caused chaos across the UK and we really had to batten down the hatches here at AMZ Saddles HQ. The fallen trees and high winds also made getting out and about to saddle fittings trickier, so a big thank you to any customers affected who were so understanding about the disruption to appointments. I hope all our customers and followers have come out the other side without any serious damage to their stables and with all people and horses safe and well. Equestrian, farming and rural people are a community and it’s at times like these, when there are trees down over roads and flooding near rivers, that we need each other more than ever!

Speaking of community, I recently launched a search for a new AMZ Saddles brand ambassador on our social media channels. Our brand ambassadors help us spread the word about our saddles and in turn, we support them with branded goodies, mentions on social media and even saddle discounts if they’re very good! Our Facebook and Instagram communities are growing all the time and it’s an excellent place to hear about new saddles, additions to our range of branded products, sale items, and even let us know the features you'd like to see on our new saddles when we’re designing them. So, what are we looking for in our new brand ambassador? We don’t mind what discipline or experience level our brand ambassadors are at; all we ask is that they tick the following boxes:

● We wanted to find someone who lives and breathes horses and is aiming for new heights this year!

● We’re committed to horse comfort and wellbeing at AMZ, and that means it needs to be important to our brand ambassador too.

● We don’t mind what level our rider is competing at but it’s important that they are out and about regularly and are happy to send us updates on their adventures.

● They need to be social media savvy and someone who loves sharing updates on Facebook and Instagram!

I was overwhelmed with so many amazing applications from riders and loved reading all about them and their horses. Together with the rest of the AMZ team I’ve whittled the applications down to just 5 finalists and these will be announced on social media later this week and we will share the good news all over social media! If you know someone who applied or put your own hat in the ring, keep a close eye out for a message and a tag. I can’t wait to get started with our new brand ambassador… not long now!

As well as attending lots of saddle fitting appointments and reading all those lovely messages from potential brand ambassadors on social media, I’ve also been busy this month launching our very first off-the-shelf saddles. This is a new product for us, as up to now all our saddles have been made to order. However, I’m very lucky to be in a position where we have both dressage and jumping saddles available with a range of tree sizes and colours. They have proven to be very popular indeed and tend to fly straight off the shelves as soon as they come in! If you would like to know as soon as we have more in, make sure you follow AMZ on social media and/or let me know you’re keen! That's it from me this month - here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of the storms for this winter and we can look forward to some spring sunshine soon.

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