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A Scottish Start to Summer

I’m back home now after a flying visit to Scotland for the Royal Highland Show, and I had a brilliant time away. Four days of horses, farm animals, food, drink and shopping all with a Caledonian influence was just perfect, and the stand was buzzing. This event was the perfect opportunity to meet some of my customers north of the border and hopefully introduce the brand to a lot of riders based in Scotland who may not have heard of AMZ Saddles. I was also lucky to be able to take a little slice of time away from the stand to watch some of the showing and show jumping (my all-time favourites, as many of you will know!) and was so impressed with the standard of competition. After a couple of years of disruption, it was brilliant to take a trip further north to see people just getting back into the swing of things and enjoying the atmosphere too.


Saddle fitting in Scotland


Not all my customers might realise that I cover Scotland as well as large areas of England, and travel up there quite regularly to see clients. Being based in County Durham means it’s just as easy for me to visit customers in Scotland as it is those in the Midlands and other areas of England! All it takes is some careful diary planning and coordinating appointments, but it’s perfectly do-able. So, if you’re keen to try my saddles or have your existing saddle fitted then drop me a line to see when I’m next in your area. It’s never a chore to travel to Scotland with its stunning landscapes and lovely people, so I’m always keen to chat to horse owners up there!


Have you checked your saddle recently?


Lots of my customers’ horses are super fit at the moment, having been carefully prepared throughout the spring ready for a summer campaign. A horse with a lot of topline and lower body fat could be a very different shape to they were when their fitness regime kicked off. To make sure you’re not heading for a sore back, it’s a great idea to make a note of when your saddle was last checked and fitted so that you can compare that to the horse’s workload now. If their saddle was checked when the horse had only been back in work a few weeks or when the spring grass was lush and they looked rather ‘well’, it could need a few tweaks now that they are really competition fit. Just drop me a line to book in!

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