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Back On The Road!

How are you feeling as the chance to get out and see friends and family again and (possibly just as important for some horsey folk!) the return to competition returns? It’s certainly been a strange old year for all of us but the uncertainty about when we would be able to restart equestrian sports made it tough for those who view their horses and riding as escapism! But thankfully we’re now (in England at last) able to start planning the spring and summer ahead.

I’ve spent some of the spare time I’ve had this winter (around lambing and running a business…!) bringing on my young horses, and I have to say they are a really exciting bunch this year. Breaking and starting them can be exciting and at times hairy to say the least, but they are coming on beautifully now. It’s now down to me to get into their heads and find out what they will excel at most in their careers. Breeding and bringing on horses is a huge passion of mine and I feel so lucky to be able to have horses at the centre of my work and my hobby.

I’ve also been busy making plans for where I want to take the AMZ Saddle trade stand in 2021. Of course, some of the bigger equestrian events are still in limbo whilst organisers work out the safety and commercial aspects, but I’m confident that the trade stand will be out and about again a lot this year. The power of social media and the internet to reach people from further afield and keep in touch during this pandemic has been invaluable, but the chance to see our customers face to face again is really exciting. It’s so helpful to be able to show people the saddles in detail and explain how they are designed to offer the perfect fit and comfort. Plus, I get to see some of our sponsored riders in action and flying the flag with our branded wear, which is always a good thing!

Will I see you when we hit the road? Make sure you keep an eye on the AMZ social media feeds for more information about where we will be with the trade stand and make sure you come and say hello if you do see the AMZ branding pop up somewhere!

Amy x

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