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New saddles and merchandise on the way….

I’m delighted to start my first blog of 2022 by sharing some exciting news with you all. It comes after a very tricky 2021 (check out this blog if you didn’t hear the story at the time), when I wasn’t sure where my business would be at the end of the year. Now, not only do I have very high hopes that we will be able to take the trade stand to lots of shows and events in 2022, but I’ve also been busy making grand plans for our saddles and merchandise collections too.

If you love my saddle designs and will be looking to buy a new saddle this year, I have some exciting news for you. I’m busy in the workshop designing not one but two new saddles! One is a jump saddle, and the other is a new dressage saddle design. As with all my existing saddle styles these are designed by me from scratch and then made here in the UK by expert saddlers from English leather. They can all be customised with different leather styles and coloured welting or stitching so that your saddle is totally unique and bespoke.

If you love the smart AMZ Saddles branding (white and navy are a truly classic combination) then you’ll be delighted to hear that I’m working on some new additions to the collection ready for competition season. You can already snap up AMZ-branded rider clothing such as polo shirts, t-shirts and padded jackets, as well as belts and baseball caps. For horses there are headcollars, anatomical girths, rugs, saddle cloths and fly veils. But soon there will be even more to choose from! Watch this space and keep an eye on my social media feeds to be at the front of the queue when they launch.

Of course, alongside expanding the AMZ saddles and merchandise ranges and going to horsey events, I’ll be carrying on my work saddle fitting for my fantastic clients. I adore this work and it’s only by seeing how different saddles fit horses of all shapes and sizes that I’m able to create my saddle designs. I’m always happy to visit new yards and riders for fittings, so here’s a reminder of the areas I cover:

● The North East

● Yorkshire

● Cumbria

● The Borders

● The North West

I also travel further afield, for example into the Midlands and Scotland, for more than two people. If you’re keen to try my saddles and saddle fitting for your horse, why not see if other people at your livery yard or riding club are keen to join you? My contact details are here if you would like to chat about my services or ask any questions!

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