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Searching For A Brand Ambassador

If you read last month’s blog or you’ve been keeping an eye on my social media channels, then you’ll know we’ve been searching for something special here at AMZ Saddles this year. We wanted to find a new brand ambassador to help us fly the flag at events this summer and beyond, and we asked our social media followers to tell us why them or someone else was the right rider for the job. We wanted someone who would be out and about this year competing and using social media to share their exploits. And here’s hoping it will be a very good summer indeed…

After several years of disruption and cancellations, I’m very hopeful that 2022 will be almost ‘back to normal’ when it comes to horsey events. We’ve had some incredible sunshine recently which has made driving to different yards for saddle fittings an absolute pleasure. It also meant I’ve really started planning where to take the trade stand this spring and summer and daydreaming about catching up with my network of riders, owners and fellow business owners at local events. One of my favourite things is seeing horses and riders smashing their goals and having an amazing time together (especially when the sun shines!).

That’s why when we had so many incredible applications, I just couldn’t whittle it down to one rider. In fact, when it came to it, I couldn’t even whittle the applicants down to 2 or 3 riders. No, here at AMZ Saddles we don’t do anything by halves, so please welcome our 6 new brand ambassadors! We have 3 junior riders and 3 senior riders competing in a range of disciplines including show jumping, eventing and dressage. So, drum roll please! Here are our new brand ambassadors:

Junior Brand Ambassadors

● Fearne Wharton

● Michael McColm

● Sam Herdman

Senior Brand Ambassadors

● Holly-Croall Brown

● Molly Selby

● Sophie Bowen-Howard

They will all receive branded goodies and we’ll be introducing each of them to our social media followers over the coming months. I’ll make sure I also use this blog to keep you updated on their progress and I can’t wait to see how these 6 amazing riders get on during 2022 and beyond! Here’s hoping for lots of good news to share on my social media channels and lots of ringside cheering too.

Of course, I must finish by saying a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to put their hat in the ring. It was so lovely reading about people’s horses and ponies and their aims for their riding in the months and years ahead. I will definitely keep an eye on some of you and make sure you come and say hello if you see me with the trade stand at events. That’s it for my March blog - I hope you all have a great month and make sure you check back for an update in April!

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