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Spring has truly arrived - along with the new AMZ Platinum jump saddle!

We’ve been treated to some really lovely weather here in County Durham over the past few weeks. Yes, there’s been the occasional shower, but we need that to get the grass to grow, right?! For the most part it’s been sunny, not too warm and just the perfect spring weather for playing with horses. That makes my job so much easier, and the fact it’s still cool overnight means we’re not too bothered by flies yet either. I love popping from yard to yard in spring when horses and riders are turning their attention to competitions and the countryside looks beautiful!

We’re having a brilliant year so far here at AMZ and there's so much still to look forward to! Badminton returns next week for the first time in 3 years (have an amazing time if you’re going along!), I'm off to Floors Castle with the trade stand from the 10th to the 12th of May and AMZ is sponsoring the BE80 Championships at this year’s Bramham International Horse Trials in June. What a whirlwind spring and summer it is going to be, but so much better than last year’s uncertainty and cancellations. I also have some other exciting news to share with you this month - the new Platinum jump saddle is here!

The Platinum is a dual-flap saddle with forward cut panels and a chucky knee roll to help you stay secure over fences. I’ve crafted it from hard-wearing high quality English leather so it will stay looking amazing for years to come, and it’s perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. I love getting feedback from my customers and one that came in time and time again was that they wanted a dual flap option as well as the monoflap. I know some riders love the super-close contact feel of a monoflap design but it’s not for everyone, so I was delighted to oblige with a dual flap version.

This saddle is designed to give horses freedom of movement through the shoulder so that they are comfortable tackling the biggest fences and most complicated cross-country questions. I also strive to ensure my saddles offer exceptional comfort and security for riders so that they can focus totally on their horse. I’m so proud of the Platinum saddle and think it’s the perfect addition to the AMZ Saddles range – and I hope you agree! There’s already lots of interest on social media from followers and customers, so I’m looking forward to lots of saddle fittings and orders too! Don’t forget you can have custom leather, welting and stitching plus name tags and airbag clips to ensure your new saddle is totally unique and perfect for you.

If you would like to register your interest in a Platinum jump saddle or book a fitting in ASAP, please drop me a line. I’m on the road every week so I can schedule in a visit to your yard but do be aware my diary can fill up very quickly!

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