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We’re nearly at the halfway point of 2022!

We’re exactly halfway through June as I write this and that means we’re nearing the halfway point of the year. I can’t quite believe that, but I can't complain one iota that time is flying by. From Bramham International Horse Trials to new saddle launches and plenty of saddle fittings, my feet have barely touched the ground and it’s been fantastic! I also have young horses to bring on and my own horse to jump when I can, so my husband might have a photo of me in his wallet as a reminder of what I look like before long…

Bramham was just brilliant

I had an incredible time at Bramham International Horse Trials and wanted to say a quick thank you to anyone who visited us there for your support. Our stand was buzzing

with so many of our customers, supporters and favourite riders and it was a pleasure seeing them having such a good time in the sunshine and enjoying the great shopping, food and drink. If you snapped up some AMZ goodies when you visited the stand, make sure you tag us in your photographs on social media when you’re out and about rocking them! Huge congratulations to Izzy Taylor for her success in the CCI4*-L, following up wins at Bramham in 2017 and 2018 - it's certainly a happy hunting ground for her!

We were also showcasing the new Platinum range at Bramham,and it was really well received. We’ve already had a huge amount of interest from customers and lots of people took the chance to visit the stand and take a closer look. I was lucky to be able to take the time out at Bramham to compete with my horse Good Boy in the showjumping classes which was a great experience for us both jumping in the ring with so much atmosphere.

Be mindful of over-padding

And no, I don’t mean over-padding of tummies and bottoms after a little too much overindulging! I wanted to finish this blog by mentioning a saddle fit issue which I've seen more of recently. There are lots of different saddle risers and gel pads on the market and people love to use them in the hope that their horse will be more comfortable. However, it’s really important to remember that over-padding saddles can alter the fit and will often make them less comfortable! I always take into account a saddle cloth and other pads which you may want to use when I fit a saddle, but if they are added in afterwards then the fit could be compromised. If you are adding a gel pad or other padding because your saddle is slipping or feel it doesn’t fit as well as it did, just drop me a line to arrange a fitting instead. I can make most saddle fitting tweaks on site, so your saddle won't even be taken away with me.

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